Anti-Ragging Policy

UGC Regulations on curbing the menace of Ragging. "SAY NO TO RAGGING"

  • Ragging in any from is totally prohibited in the institute
  • Ragging is a serious crime and is punishable by law. Anyone found indulging in ragging will face immediate expulsion from the University and will also be debarred from pursuing course from any other institution.
  • If you come across any instance of Ragging in the Institute, Please contact any of the following numbers

  • Click here for online Anti-Ragging Affidavit

    Anti-Ragging Cell:

    Sr.No Name Designation Position of Committee
    1 Dr.Hanumant R. Jadhavar Principal and Controller Chairman
    2 Mr.Shailesh Wadekar Administrator Assistant controller officer
    3 Dr.Sangita Shinde HOD Appeal officer
    4 Prof. Prachi Salunke Assistant professor Assistant Appeal Officer
    5 Prof.Dr.Anant Rathod Assistant professor Assistant Appeal Officer
    6 Prof. Someshwar Regude Assistant professor Assistant Appeal Officer
    7 Adv. Prashant Saluke Advocate Local Member
    8 Mr. Mayur Masurkar Transport Unit Head Local Member
    9 Prof. Aparna Kedari Assistant professor Member
    10 Prof. Sarika Ghorpade Assistant professor Member
    11 Prof. Sunil Ukale Assistant professor Member
    12 Prof. Vandana Mankar Assistant professor Member
    13 Suraj Bhosale Student Student Representative
    14 Madhura Pawar Student Student Representative

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