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IQAC is the first step to determine the internal quality of an institution which motivates the work of an Institution towards realization having a particular goal in quality enhancement and sustenance. The primary role of this cell is to develop a system to awake in a continuous improvement for the overall development of an institution which characterized various offers and measures of an institution towards various academic performance.

    IQAC Objectives:

  • To inculcate the keen interest in academic and administrative performance of an institution.
  • To take a consistent and catalytic action in improving its academic excellence.

    • IQAC Strategies:

  • To initiate relevance quality wise research programmes.
  • To inculcate various integrated modern methods in teaching and learning process.
  • To have a strong faith in various evaluation processes.
  • To ensure the adequacy, maintenance and functioning support services of an institution.
  • Guaranteeing timely efficient in progressive performance of an academic, administrative and various financial services.
  • Having an equal access in offering various academic programmes in various section of the society.

    • IQAC Functions:

  • Developing a quality parameter in various academic and administrative activities of an institution.
  • To provoke a learner centric environment in adopting a faculty maturation required in knowledge and technology for a participatory teaching and learning processes.
  • To promote various workshops, seminars on quality relevant themes of various quality circles of the society.
  • To arrange a feedback sessions during academics concerning students, parents and other stakeholders respectively.
  • To have a proper documentation of various programmes and activities in facilitating various quality improvements.

    • IQAC Benefits:

  • To ensure the level of clarity and focus in institutional functions for quality improvement.
  • To facilitate the internalization of quality culture.
  • To promote various activities concerning the institution.
  • To provoke various internal communication.
  • To build on organised methodology for documentation.
  • To promote a strong decision making power in improving the institutional factions.

  • IQAC Committee:

    Sr.No Name Designation,Capacity
    1 Dr.Hanumant Jadhavar(Principal) Chairman(Head of the Institution)
    2 Mr.Shailesh Wadekar Member(Management Representative)
    3 Mr.Shailesh Pagaria Member
    4 Dr.Sangeeta Shinde
    (Vice Principal)
    IQAC Co-ordininator
    5 Mrs. Aparna Kedari Member(Teacher Representative)
    6 Mrs.Rashmi Yadav Member(Teacher Representative)
    7 Ms.Sarika Ohal Member(Teacher Representative)
    8 Mrs.Sonali Gholve Member(Teacher Representative)
    9 Mr.Chetan Minocha Member(Teacher Representative)
    10 Mrs.Rupali Pawar(Student Development Officer) Member(Teacher Representative)
    11 Mr.Shreeraj Bhor(NSS Program Officer) Member(Teacher Representative)
    12 Mrs.Manisha Jagtap Member(Librarian)
    13 Dr.Pritam Misale Member(Director of Physical Education)
    14 Mr. Shamkant Jadhav Member(Office Superintendent)
    15 Ms.Ramkaur Ramgadia Member(Alumni)

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