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Research is an investigation into an existing or a novel problem. It aims at finding solution to the problems faced by the society in general.
Research is important because of the following :

1) Identification, isolation and location of the problem.

2) Identification of study already made in the field.

3) Helps develop insight into the phenomenon.

4) Helps investigate situations.

5) Generate new knowledge.

6) Helps develop a fresh approach to existing problems.

7) Helps offer solutions to current problems.

8) Research enables a thorough study of every aspect related to the issue.

9) Objectivity and Unbiased opinions.

10) Serves as a basis for further study.

  • Teachers are encouraged to attend seminars, conferences and write research based papers. To connect theory and concepts with practice, taking up real life examples is the purpose of encouraging research in the college. Teachers discuss with students case studies and solve the cases in lectures and through research they learn problem solving.

  • Students are encouraged to take up research and build models for displays. Students are encouraged to conduct market based survey in their specializations.

  • Research Papers By Teachers
    Research Papers in journals noticed in UGC website.
    Books Chapters and papers in National/International conference.

    Research Papers By Students
    Research Papers by Student

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